Giner ELX electrolyzer systems incorporate our world-leading PEM electrolyzer stack technology. They deliver pure hydrogen (99.9995%) safely, cleanly, noiselessly and efficiently at pressures up to 40 barg or 580 psi.

Applications include:

  • Energy storage: storage of surplus electric energy—particularly of stranded solar or wind energy—as hydrogen for later use:
    • to power fuel cell vehicles or hydrogen turbines
    • as an industrial gas
    • by blending into the natural gas supply network
  • Hydrogen fueling stations (for fuel cell powered buses, cars, trains, trucks, fork-lifts….and trains!)
  • On-demand hydrogen production for industrial users:
    • Electric turbine cooling
    • Hydrogenation for food manufacturers
    • Float glass processing
    • Semiconductor fabrication
    • Gas chromatography and other laboratory devices 
30S: 30Nm3/h System 60S: 60Nm3/h System 90S: 90Nm3/h System 200S: 200Nm3/h System
20-foot container 20-foot container 30-foot container 40-foot container
150 kW System 300 kW System 450 kW System 1,000 kW System


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