Disruptive change is underway in our energy economy

Dynamic leaders in major markets such as California, South Korea and Germany have been leading substantial expansions in renewable energy capacity, in particular wind and solar power:

  • In Germany 25% of electricity supply is already renewable, with a firm goal of achieving 35% to 40% by 2025 and 80% by 2050; similar targets are now in place across the whole of the European Union;
  • The California Energy Commission sees California on track to achieve 33% of the State’s electricity from renewable sources by 2020 and recently announced the goal of reaching 50% by 2030;
  • China is the world leader in both solar photovoltaics and wind turbine manufacture — and in response to pollution and energy security concerns it is increasingly active in renewable energy production; some analysts now believe peak carbon in China may have occurred in 2014: 10 years earlier than previously anticipated!

Surplus renewable energy opens up new opportunities


At current levels of renewable generation there are already periods when the supply of electrical power significantly exceeds the level of demand – leading to an enormous need / opportunity for energy storage. Turning surplus power into hydrogen using Giner ELX electrolyzers is one of the most attractive options for energy storage. There are multiple demonstration projects in operation today, which use the hydrogen for:

  • direct injection into the natural gas network
  • combination with CO2 in biogas plants to generate methane for addition to the natural gas network
  • direct fueling of turbines for peak-time electricity generation.

The best is yet to come: the Power to MobilityTM Movement (P2M)


Power to MobilityTM = Filling up your fuel cell car with hydrogen made from renewable energy — and the only waste product your car makes from using the hydrogen is water.

Giner ELX is a leader in key technologies to make Power to MobilityTM a reality: grid-level energy storage and on-site hydrogen generation for fuel cell vehicle refueling stations. Our expertise in low cost, high efficiency, advanced PEM electrolyzers is world-renowned.


Advanced Technology and Performance

Giner electrolyzer stack

Our advanced PEM electrolzers are hydrogen generators, which produce pure hydrogen fuel from water and electric power at efficiencies approaching 90% (HHV basis). Working with key private and public sector partners (the US Department of Energy, General Motors, Parker Hannifin, NREL and others) we continue to push the boundaries of PEM technology to make the Power to MobilityTM vision a reality.