EFT Trio

December 2018

ELX Acquires Spectracarb™

Giner ELX has acquired the Spectracarb™ business from Engineered Fibers Technology (EFT), based in Shelton, CT. Spectracarb sells a wide range of porous carbon papers and panels to customers worldwide in the fuel cell and electrolyzer industries as well as to academic and government researchers. EFT Managing Director Robert Evans stated “The sale of our Spectracarb business will permit greater focus on this growing market segment under Giner ELX ownership to better meet the needs of the electrochemical industry, while allowing EFT to focus on our growing fiber and nanofibrillated fiber businesses in wet-laid composites and engineered materials.” “The acquisition of the unique Spectracarb technology enhances Giner ELX’s rapidly growing PEM electrolysis business”, said Giner ELX CEO Andy Belt. “ELX offers the lowest cost and highest performance grid-level energy storage solutions on he market, and Spectracarb porous carbon / carbon panels are an essential part of our products.”


April 2017

Giner ELX Secures Strategic Investment from H2B2

Giner ELX has announced a strategic investment from H2B2. H2B2 has offices in California and Seville, Spain, and focuses on developing, integrating, financing, building and operating hydrogen production systems. "Our partnership with H2B2 will accelerate the scale-up of our technology to win in the marketplace", said Andy Belt, the CEO of Giner ELX; "We are delighted to deepen our relationship with Giner ELX", commented Javier Brey, the CEO of H2B2: "In our direct experience Giner ELX's PEM electrolysis technology is the most advanced in the world. With the benefit of H2B2's capabilities in complete system integration and major project leadership, we will be well positioned to take advantage of attractive project opportunities worldwide."


April 2017

Giner ELX Spins Out from Giner Inc

Giner Inc. has announced the formation of Giner ELX to specialize in large-scale hydrogen generators for renewable energy storage and other industrial applications. "The formation of Giner ELX builds on Giner's successful commercial PEM electrolysis business", said Giner ELX CEO Andy Belt. "We are focusing the ELX team on developing the lowest cost and highest performance grid-level energy storage solutions on the market."


September 2016

New Funding for Advanced Electrochemical Hydrogen Compressor

In collaboration with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Rensselaer Polytechnic Instititute and Gaia Energy Research, Giner has been awarded a signficant multi-year grant by the US Department of Energy for an innovative new compression technology. This program will demonstrate a cost-effective method for compressing hydrogen to a minimum of 875 bar while eliminating the need for mechanical compressors.This will make a major contribution to the costeffectiveness of hydrogen refueling stations for fuel cell vehicles.

vapor feed electrolyzer

JULY 2016

Giner Static Vapor Feed Electrolyzer Proposal Selected by NASA for Parabolic Flight Testing

Giner, Inc. has developed an advanced static vapor feed electrolyzer system that has significantly simplified operation compared to traditional electrolyzer systems including the liquid water feed Oxygen Generator Assembly (OGA, Hamilton Sundstrand) being used for life support oxygen aboard the International Space Station, ISS. NASA has granted Giner $234,000 to test their prototype for robustness and performance during two separate parabolic testing (vomit comet) flights on the S3 Reduced Gravity Aircraft.

Giner at Hannover Fair

APRIL 2016

US Deputy Secretary of Energy visits Giner’s Booth at Hannover Fair

Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, US Deputy Secretary for Energy (second from left), and Sunita Satyapal, Director of the Fuel Cell Technologies Office at the US Department of Energy (third from left), talk with Giner’s Hector Maza (second from left with back to photographer), Director for Business Developmentand Monjid Hamdan, Director of Engineering (first from right).

Giner exhibits in Hydrogen Hall at Hannover Fair


Giner at 2016 Hannover Fair in April

For the fourth year running Giner will exhibit in the Hydrogen Hall at the Hannover Fair from April 25—29 2016. Sales and Marketing VP Hector Maza and Engineering VP Tim Norman will each make presentations.

Giner installs Hydrogen Generators for fuel cell vehicles


Giner On-site Hydrogen Generators to Power Fuel Cell Cars in California

Giner will supply two turnkey hydrogen generation systems to Hygen for installation at fuel cell vehicle refueling stations in California.

Jill Smith joins Giner Board


Jill Smith joins Giner Board of Directors

Jill Smith brings an exceptional experience base and record of achievement in international management in technology industries. Most recently she served as Chariman, CEO and President of DigitalGlobe Inc. (NYSE: DGI), a global provider of satellite and imagery products and services that she guided to a public listing.

Giner tests PEM stacks


Giner Tests Largest Commercial PEM Stacks at National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL)

Giner announced successful testing of 3 of its Merrimack stacks at NREL in Golden, Colorado. These stacks, the largest commercial PEM electrolysis stacks on the market, demonstrated performance at high current densities whilst producing hydrogen and oxygen at differential pressure.