Compressible Yet Resilient                                                                                                                                                                                                           Cost-Effective Yet Efficient


Spectracarb™ panels are a line of non-woven carbon fiber paper products used mainly as gas diffusion media in electrochemical devices.

Spectracarb™ panels come in five standard grades of different thicknesses and densities. Custom grades are available to meet customer-specific needs. See our products for specific technical information about each grade.


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APRIL 2019

Giner ELX Acquires Spectracarb™

Giner ELX is excited to announce the acquisition of the Spectracarb™ GDL product line from Engineered Fibers Technology, LLC (EFT). Spectracarb™ gas diffusion layers are carbon-fiber based papers and multi-ply panels used in fuel cells, electrolyzers, and other electrochemical devices.