EFT Trio

April 2019

Giner ELX Announces Acquisition of Spectracarb™ GDL Business From Engineered Fibers Technology

Giner ELX is excited to announce the acquisition of the Spectracarb™ GDL product line from Engineered Fibers Technology, LLC (EFT). Spectracarb™ gas diffusion layers are carbon-fiber based papers and multi-ply panels used in fuel cells, electrolyzers, and other electrochemical devices.

Giner ELX was formed in April 2017 as a subsidiary of Giner Laboratories to specialize in large-scale hydrogen generation for renewable energy storage and other industrial applications. "The acquisition of the unique Spectracarb technology for thick panels adds to Giner ELX’s successful commercial PEM electrolysis business", said Giner ELX CEO Andy Belt. "ELX offers the lowest cost and highest performance grid-level energy storage solutions on the market, and Spectracarb porous carbon / carbon panels are an essential part of our products."

EFT has been researching developing and manufacturing carbon-based components for laboratory and commercial electrochemical applications since it acquired the Spectracarb™ product line from Spectracorp in 2005. EFT Managing Director Robert Evans stated, "The sale of our Spectracarb™ GDL business will permit greater focus on this growing market segment under Giner ELX ownership to better meet the needs of the electrochemical industry, while allowing EFT to focus on our growing fiber and nanofibrillated fiber businesses in wet-laid composites and engineered materials.

EFT and Giner ELX have jointly stated that the Spectracarb™ GDL product line will continue to be commercially available and Caplinq Europe BV will continue to market and distribute Spectracarb™ products to European clients. There will be no changes in manufacturing partners, and EFT will continue to provide engineering and consulting services throughout 2019 to ensure a smooth transition of the Spectracarb™ business. The Giner ELX team looks forward to building on EFT’s innovations in the production of gas diffusion media and continuing to manufacture gas diffusion layers of world-renowned quality.

For additional information, contact Robert Evans, EFT, at 203 922 1810, or John McManus, Giner ELX, at 781 529 0567.